Wicked Weasel Marika


Wicked Weasel Bikini Model Marika
There are those among us that argue Marika is not the most beautiful WW model, but we (the majority) find her very sexy, extremely beautiful and  highly attractive. She is by far our favorite of all Wicked Weasel models so she deserves her own page. As always, we’d like to know which photo in this set is your favorite. Please leave a comment.

Marika Marika Marika

Marika Marika Marika

Marika Marika Marika

Marika Marika Marika

Marika Marika Marika

Marika Marika

We’ve added more photos for Marika? Visit that page here.
As always, we’d like to know which photo in this set is your favorite. Please leave a comment.
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42 responses to “Wicked Weasel Marika

  1. Jim

    Wow, it’s a great to see another fan of Marika on the net! Marika doesn’t conform to the mainstream stereotype of beauty, but I for one have always found her to be absolutely gorgeous. She was the most unique woman to ever model for Wicked Weasel, and she made more of an impression on me than the more conventional WW models. It’s a shame that her pictures aren’t on the WW site anymore, but people like you show that she hasn’t been forgotten.

    PS: I also think Jennifer is one of the loveliest WW models ever. We both have good taste!

  2. Emil Randolph

    I guess I just don’t get it. There are way more better looking models than Marika. I think Shona or Monique beat this chick, but of the pics here, I’d have to say I like number 10 in the series (11) as the one I like best.

  3. Jim

    I’m guessing Marika has stood out to a lot of people for the following reasons, because they’re the reasons she stood out to me. Her pictures have been some of the most overtly sexual for a Wicked Weasel model (not the “contributors,” half of which go topless in their pics), with her completely see-through bikini and provocative poses. Marika is a bit heavier than most bikini models, and has a large, round butt. Now I’m not a “fat admirer” (nor is Marika extremely fat), and most guys aren’t, but there are a lot of guys who prefer women with curves over the usual stick-thin models. Finally, Marika has a beautiful face and a friendly smile; she looks like someone I would actually enjoy being with rather than someone who is just hot.

    I agree that Monique is lovely, but I’ve have always thought Shona looked so-so. Different strokes for different folks I guess. :)

    I forgot to point out my favorite pic in my first comment. It’s hard for me to choose because there are a few here that I would label as “favorites” of mine. But if I had to pick one, it would be #18 (the 15th one that was posted). It has a great view of her entire body and a terrific pose. She looks so graceful and beautiful.

  4. Manuel

    The first time I saw these pics of Marika I was in lust. She has a very exotic look to her and like some people have pointed out she is by no means a stick of a model. She has all the right curves and has very tantalizing eyes.

    My favorite pic is #23. Second on the top. Her pose and look just always grab my attention.

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  6. Thanks for a good post.

  7. Steve

    I love it! Great sheer bikini too (top and bottom!)… so daring!

  8. Steve

    I thought I’d also point out another great Wicked Weasel model who keeps it non-nude but has probably the most daring sheer bikini pictures on the site! Go to the competition section and look for “Breezy” at the bottom row for April, 2008. Amazing, daring, beautiful, but 100% non-nude. I would love to see her pictures posted on this site.

  9. Victor

    This baby is beautyfull!!!!
    I loved!!!
    This girl is in my dreams!!!
    I think so . . it´s love!!

    congratulations for the best model!

  10. RaiulBaztepo

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!

    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language.
    See you!
    Yours, Raiul Baztepo

  11. Hi ! :)
    My name is Piter Kokoniz. Just want to tell, that your posts are really interesting
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Thank you:)
    Your Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

  12. Absolutely love this girl. Amazing!

  13. Boy, if I were her husband……………….

  14. MagnumfromTX

    She’s by a million miles, my very fav WW girl.

  15. Sorry it took so long for a response. Responding is my job and I usually just get my posts together and log off before checking the comments. Anywhoo, no this is not our hobby. But in a way I guess it is. We just love women. All women.

  16. ogw

    All you need are two wings………Angel


  17. ogwallen

    Hi Mar.

    you are angel, all you need are two wings.


  18. ogwallen

    Hi Marika,

    all you need are two wings angel, do you have any recient pics.


  19. ogwallen

    Miss universe.


  20. Lorretta's Boy

    I guess some would find her sexy but there are so many better looking girls on this site and skinnier.

  21. Euzebio

    I visited WW many years ago and I when I saw Marika for the first time she became my favorite WW girl immediately. She has that angel, innocent face and that body that it is just perfect to me. I am wondering what is she doing nowadays or where can I see more of her job. My favorite pic, humm very difficult to choose and it can not be only one.. I’ll go for 1, 10 and 11. Nice job this page!

  22. alessandro

    Marika its my dream girl thank you guys for this photos so beautiful a will marry Marika so cute .

  23. james

    marika is beautiful. i have spilled so much seed for her.

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  26. LV Rogers

    Went to school with her, She got fat

  27. ogwallen

    All you need are two wings, ANGEL.


  28. ogwallen

    Miss Universe.


  29. ogwallen

    Hi All,

    are there other post of Miss World anywhere else?


  30. Sam

    One word.. Great! Two words.. Very awesome!

  31. carlos

    Mmmmm.. you’r so hot. You’r the best WW model…you’r beautiful and natural, that’s a perfect body. Do you have a webpage with more photos??? let me know ;)

  32. Marika,

    My favourite photos in this set are:
    a) second row, the middle photo,
    b) fifth row, the left photo,
    c) sixth row, the right photo.
    These three photos are the most lecherous of all!

    Marika, you are a very gorgeous.

    I think, you are suitable extremely for a long night with a strong boyfriend. Be successful in your partnership!

    After I have seen your photos, I shall buy a see through tanga at Wicked Weasel too.

    Best wishes

  33. Jim

    Hey Marika fans! Over the holiday break I spent some time making a new video out of Marika’s pics:

    Hope you guys enjoy the late Christmas present!

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  35. Jeremy

    Girlfriend Marika

  36. JM

    Liking Marika

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  38. Star Trek

    I wonder if Marika is a secret alien because her eyebrows slant upwards instead of the eyebrows being around the eye. Marika’s eyebrows slant upwards like the Vulcan’s eyebrows on Star Trek. I guess Marika’s eyebrows slanting upwards is one of the reason she is a unique girl.

  39. Jeremy

    Thoughs about me and Marika alone together on a deserted island forever.

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