Wicked Weasel Marika


Wicked Weasel Bikini Model Marika II
There are those among us that argue Marika is not the most beautiful WW model, but we (the majority) find her very sexy, extremely beautiful and  highly attractive. She is by far our favorite of all Wicked Weasel models.

As always, we’d like to know which photo in this set is your favorite. Please leave a comment.



Marika Marika Marika

Marika Marika Marika

Marika Marika

The End

The End

If you haven’t been, be sure to visit Marika’s first page, and if  you are a member of Facebook stop by our group and join in!



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12 responses to “Wicked Weasel Marika

  1. Jim

    #4 (the middle picture on the 2nd row, where she’s wearing a tight T-shirt and a blue bottom) is the best. She looks perfect from that angle. Beautiful pose.

  2. MagnumfromTX

    My favorite on this site so far.

  3. Tony

    She is my favorite. Any pics of her available anywhere else?

  4. Jim

    There are but they’re incredibly hard to find since her old pictures were taken down from the Wicked Weasel site, and searching online can be dangerous because of all the spyware and viruses out there. I can help you out though, since I’ve collected all the pics of her that I know of and uploaded them onto Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wweaselfan/

    There are at least two WW galleries of her. The ones on this blog are from the more recently published one. Both galleries are old and from the same photoshoot which I think was done in 2002. They also share many of the same exact pictures, the difference being that all of the older gallery’s photos have darker lighting (I have no idea which level of lighting is the “correct” one). However, some of the photos in the older gallery are unique to it, and vice versa. Flickr’s photostream is disorganized so I recommend that you click on the “Sets” tab at the top of the page to see which photo belongs to which gallery. Also, there were three split-screen shots of her that I found from the WW site, belonging to neither set.

    As far as I know this lovely lady hasn’t appeared in anything since. However, there may be more pictures of her out there. I recently found a “new” picture of Marika, which looks like it’s from the same old photoshoot but was even rarer than the rest of her pics (this one has now been posted to my Flickr account as well). Who knows what could still be out there?

  5. Hi,

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  6. Jeremy Montoya AKA as HB

    She looks exactly like a woman who started to flirt with me when I went on a gambling vactation to Albuquerque. During the day I hung out at the pool of the London Hotel and Casino I stayed at and a woman flirted with me in the pool area there. She was following me around the pool area. We meet and we went up to the hotel room and did you know what for the night. Her name was Marika. She was from Southern California LA area.

  7. jm

    Maybe one of these days Marika will be my girlfriend.

  8. George

    This girl is driving me crazy. She is unbelievably sexy.

  9. Jeremy

    I wonder what country Marika is from?

  10. mikehunt

    She is from Nelson BC Canada…. wasn’t nearly as fat in highschool thou

  11. Jeremy

    Liking Marika!